Bioinformatics Research Analysis

GrinGene Bioinformatics provides a human interface between hard-to-understand computer programs and the researchers who just want to get their research done in the best way possible. An analysis task using computer programs can often be sped up 5-10 times by the application of computing methods that are appropriate to the task at hand.

GrinGene Bioinformatics also helps to optimise research workflows, enabling researchers to carry out their research faster, cheaper, and better, with particular skills in the following areas:

The services provided by GrinGene Bioinformatics follow David Eccles' first rule of Bioinformatics:

“First, do what's best*. If that's not good enough, do what's asked for.”
* as understood at the time of analysis, within the time and resource constraints available.

My current work rate is $125/hr; A typical bioinformatics project that I work on takes about 20 hours of work (i.e. $2500) over the course of a couple of months. I'm happy to offer discounts where funding is an issue, or where clients are interested in learning how to carry on with some portion of the work themselves. I can work with pre-paid or post-paid invoices, either a fixed-amount agreed in advance, or paid for work done.

If you have a research project that you'd like help with, feel free to contact me for advice.